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5 Benefits Of Visiting An Orthodontist

One of the best things you can ever do for your teeth is to have them checked by an orthodontist. An orthodontist can handle any dental condition. Unlike traditional dentists, their primary area of focus is the aesthetic part of dental health. Optimum Orthodontics assist patients struggling with conditions like overbites, underbites, and teeth misalignment. All these three things go a long way in improving dental health. Here are five main reasons you should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

It improves your oral healthdental clinic

Overcrowding and tooth misalignment have been linked to many cases of gum disease. Crooked teeth are more likely to have food build up than straight teeth. This means more plaque and bacterial buildup. If you are yet to experience tooth decay and other gum related problems resulting from overcrowding in the jaw, an orthodontist can guide you to safety. Orthodontic care can also help you fix chewing problems.

If can fix your speech

Misalignment of teeth not only affects your oral health but your speech. As such, getting your teeth realigned could see you improve your speech improve your speech in the process. To achieve this, you need proper orthodontic care to fix these issues.

Relieves pain

Crooked teeth can be painful, particularly when chewing something. This is attributed to the fact that some teeth are subjected to more pressure than the others. Over time, these pressures can be painful. That said, orthodontic care can correct these alignment problems and reduce these pains in the process.

Improves your smile

Do you want to improve your smile? Orthodontic care provides a sure option of improving your smile. Having straight teeth goes a long way in improving your self-esteem. You would feel more comfortable during social interactions. As you age, teeth straightening can make you look young.

Improves overall health

smiling womanWhen chewing is hard, one does not break down food for digestion. When your body is unable to break down foods properly, you might end experiencing digestive problems. Having them straightened could see you improve digestion and your health.

You need to work with a certified orthodontist if you are to realize the benefits above. During your search for an orthodontist, you will realize that finding the best is not easy. The orthodontist you should have the right qualifications, use the best orthodontic technology and most importantly be professional.

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Factors to consider when looking for orthodontic treatment

Paying attention to your health is important. With this in mind, most people often end up focusing things like our eating habits and hours of working out at the gym. Unfortunately, we often end up ignoring our dental health. Regular visits to WestWoodlandOrthodontics is one way of improving your dental health. However, unlike what a regular dentist, an orthodontist looks as at the aesthetic part of dental health with an objective of improving your health and self-esteem.

Choosing an orthodontist

Qualifications of the doctorhappy tooth

Only a qualified orthodontist should administer orthodontic treatment. As such, it is imperative to consider the qualifications and experience of an orthodontist before choosing them. An orthodontist should have a degree in dentistry and a master in orthodontics. Moreover, you should also look at their licensing status and their affiliation to some professional body in this field.

Treatment options

Anyone looking for orthodontic treatment has a problem they would want to be addressed. In this regard, when looking for orthodontic treatment, also look at the area of practice of the orthodontists. Innovations in orthodontic technology have improved the way the way these treatments are administered. Not all might suit you. Therefore, make an effort of knowing which of those are appropriate for your condition and why during the consultation process.


Going for orthodontic treatment is one of those decisions that should not be taken lightly. The treatment offered could affect your life in many ways. With technological developments, complications resulting from orthodontic treatment are now minimal. Most orthodontists offer a consultation, during which you will understand your condition better and recommendations on types of treatment that could benefit you. You also get to know things like duration, costs, and benefits of the recommended treatment plans.

Previous work

bracesIn as much as the orthodontist might be qualified, you also need to look at what they have. Before making your decision, it is advisable to look at some before and after pictures. Most orthodontists have these pictures on their website along with an honest testimonial from previous patients. If they don’t have the displayed them there, you can always ask for them at the reception desk.

Cost of treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be quite expensive. As such, before embarking on the treatment, look at the total costs along with the treatment plans. In most instances, you might have to get a personal quote considering that every case is unique. Compare quotes from a couple of practitioners and make a decision based on the treatment plans that suits you most.

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Essential tips for good dental health

Many people do not realize that good dental health is an essential part of life. It is not just taking good care of your teeth, gums, and mouth, but also your overall health. Recent studies have shown that oral hygiene can greatly affect your actual health. Simple problems related to your teeth and gums may lead to more complicated issues that may even affect your major organs. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay close attention to your oral health.

How to achieve good dental health

There are so many ways in which you can take care of your oral health. Take a look at the tips below.

Brush your teeth

The simplest thing that you can do to attain great dental health is to brush your teeth regularly. Ideally, you should do this every after a meal or three times a day. It is highly recommended that you use a toothbrush with a small head so you will be able to reach all the areas of your mouth. Also, you should make use of toothpaste that meets the safety standards.

man brushing teeth

Floss daily

Flossing on a regular basis will help you ensure that all the debris and plaque in your teeth and mouth will be eliminated. Brushing alone is not enough to remove all the bacteria on your gums, teeth, and in between. If you fail to remove them, gum infections may arise.

When you are shopping for dental floss, it is imperative that you get the ones that are compatible with your teeth. If they are too close to each other, you might want to consider getting floss that comes with a wax coating as this will make it a lot easier for you to clean your teeth.

Use mouthwash

Another effective way of cleaning your mouth is by rinsing with water or mouthwash especially after eating a meal if you can’t brush your teeth. Gargling will help remove the debris in your mouth. It will also reduce plaque which can turn into tartar. Once this happens, you can no longer remove it with just brushing; you will have to visit a Bay Ridge Dentist since only a professional can eliminate tartar.

pouring water

If you are purchasing mouthwash, you should go for something that comes with fluoride which can strengthen the enamel of your teeth. The harder the enamel, the harder if would be for tartar to stick.

Visit your dentist

It is recommended that you visit your dentist, at least, twice a year. This way, he or she can monitor your dental health. Your dentist will be able to detect potential problems and treat them immediately.