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Beginner’s Guide To Medical Marijuana Edibles

Do you know that you can make various healthy marijuana food recipes? In fact, you can download various standardized ones if you are not a DIY kind of a person. Many decades ago, people would only dry the marijuana leaves, roll into sticks and smoke. Fast forward to today, people have become more innovative and can now have cannabutter and pot brownies contributing to their daily diets.

With a pot brownie recipe, it surprises me how its easy and fun to make the yummy delicacies at home particularly over the weekend. So if you are a newbie to this concept, don’t worry! This guide will highlight all crucial information you need to know.

A guide to medical marijuana edibles

What are marijuana edibles?

marijuanaThe marijuana extracts from its leaves can be mixed with foodstuffs in one way or the other to make to make delicacies either for medical use or as a substitute for other marijuana users like smokers and vapers. The extracts can either come from boiled or ground leaves and mixed with the food depending on the recipe requirements.

Health benefits of marijuana edibles

Psychiatrist problems

People have always used marijuana to regulate how they reason and react to various issues of life. Doctors do recommend a regulated use of marijuana and no better way to do this than use it in edibles like the cookies and even candy sweets which one can chew like medicine tablets.

Various medical conditions

Doctors have on many occasions recommended or even issued marijuana medication to cure various ailments. In such a case, incorporating the marijuana extracts into some food is a good way of taking such medication. In fact, it’s hard to take an overdose when it’s in food.

Various marijuana recipes to consider

Now that you have known that marijuana edibles stand a better chance to benefit you than the other options, it’s time to have a look at the other various ways you can incorporate into food.

The famous pot brownies

browniesBecoming increasingly a popular way where one adds some marijuana extracts while baking the brownies. Today, one can order such delicacies and have them delivered to their doorsteps


Whether making at home or buying from a marijuana seller, this product will have various uses at home. It’s possible to use it for cooking or applying to pastries like bread and buns.


Marijuana edibles are indeed both a fan way to enjoy the marijuana as well as the easy way to take it medically. One can get more ideas from the link provided above.

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The Best Drug Testing Kits Reviews

Employers are responsible for their employees’ safety at the workplace. One way of making workplace safe is to make it free from drug abusing employees. Effective workplace drug testing results in better compliance with law, fewer workers compensation claims and fewer legal hassles to business. To Understand more about drug-related matters visit, Employers also use other different kits to test employees for drug abuse for pre-employment drug screening, scheduled and random drug testing. It also builds better employee-employer trust and relationship.

Common drug test kits benefits

Multi-panel vs. single-panel:

Though either kind of these kits can be used for workplace drug testing, multi-panel drug test kits are more advantageous because of the following:


Multi-panel kits are available in both strip healthand cup forms. The test containers are convenient to use because they avoid the inconvenience of handling test sample. The sample can be directly collected in a container that has a closed lid.

The test card is attached to the cup itself. You can just peel off the label and read the results. On single-panel test strips, you should have a separate sample collection container for each employee to be tested, you need to collect the sample, dip the strip and hold it until the results are shown, which is an inconvenience when compared to multi-panel kits.

Cost and efficiency

Multi-panel kits are more efficient because with one test kit you can test for 10-12 drugs. So, drug abusers are less likely to escape from the test as most of these kits are designed to detect commonly abused drugs. In the case of single panel kits, you can detect only one drug at a time. Thus, chances of drug abusers being undetected will be more. Coming to cost, though multi-panel kits cost more compared to their single panel counterparts, the advantage of testing more than one drug makes them economical.

Split key cup

doctor equipmentMulti-panel split key cups make sure that the test sample does not come into contact with test part until the key is inserted. This enables test administrators to start the tests at their convenience and allows them to read the results accurately.

Advanced options such as the split keys, adulteration, and temperature checks are available only in multi-panel cups. Thus, they have a unique advantage over single-panel kits.


Integrated with temperature checkup, multi-panel kits enable test administrators to measure the temperature of a urine sample. The temperature of the sample is expected to show results within four minutes after collection.