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Dealing With ADHD In Young Children

So, your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. You might want to know a little bit about the causes of this condition. Once you understand what causes this, you will always have a grasp of what it is and how to go about dealing with it. One cause is thought to be genetic, meaning it is inherited from the parents. A child with ADHD, who may carry a specific version of a particular gene, has thin brain tissue in the parts of the brain that is associated with attention. Research has shown that the condition is not permanent and may develop as the child grows old.

A second factor that may cause ADHD is the environment. It is said that exposure to girl studyingtobacco and alcohol at an early age causes this type of disorder. If the mother had┬ácomplications or an infection during pregnancy, it could have contributed to the condition. Brain injury when the child was young is yet another factor. A decisive factor associated with ADHD is a child’s diet. Ingesting artificial food coloring and chemicals such as sodium benzoate have been linked to hyperactivity.

Dealing With ADHD

Now that the causes have been identified here is what you can do to help your child. Besides following the doctor’s advice and ADHS Therapie, there are other ways of helping your child when he is at home or school. This requires a team effort and cooperation among members of the family, teachers, and doctors. Being a parent to a child who has ADHD is not easy. In fact, it is very challenging. Your child will need more structure and a clear set of expectations. You will have to change some of your ways to help your child. Here are some suggestions:

Create a routine

Give him specific times for his activities like eating, playing, naps, homework, and sleeping. Communicate this schedule with your child, if he is old enough. If you make changes to his schedule, you need to let him know and explain why these changes are happening so as not to upset him.

House Rules should be simple and clear

I can’t stress enough the importance of explanation; even minute details should be explained; importantly, communicate the consequences of breaking the rules.

Be certain that your child understands directions

Find ways on how to get his attention without upsetting him. Directions should be short but concise. Ask your child to repeat instructions, so you can tell that he understands.

edSDVCS\DfadefcaqedSupervise your child

Children with ADHD should be supervised at all times because they are inherently impulsive. Choose a good spot where he can do his homework without distractions (such as the TV). Encourage your child to take breaks from homework also. Moreover, you should also consider rewarding good behavior.

Lastly, do not fall into the trap of focusing only on your child’s grades in school. Focus on his learning and improvement. Request for a progress update from your child’s teachers.