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Essential Features Of A Vaporizer – Buyers Guide

A weed vaporizer is an electronic tool that heats up and concentrates your herbs without burning them. Vaporizers do not use fire to stimulate the necessary ingredients. However, the weed vaporizers employ an internal heating element to start a convection current that transfers heat through the herb, thereby releasing the components. Click for more. Some essential features need to be considered when buying a vaporizer. Below is a brief guide when looking to obtain a vaporizer that is right for you.

Features Of A Vaporizer

Portabilityblack vapor

Portable vaporizers are intended for use on-the-go. The majority of them are pleasantly miniature to fit in the pocket while running on rechargeable batteries. The units being small means that the chambers are also smaller and suitable for individual users.

Power Source

Another determinant in deciding the type of vaporizer is the source of power. The source of power is particularly important to portable vaporizers in that desktop vaporizers are usually dependent on wall adapters that are standard across brands. The majority of vaporizers presently use lithium-ion batteries, which are considered long-lasting and better. Unfortunately, some few cheap brands use older battery technology hence confirm the power source before purchasing. A dependable power source allows you to get your ‘fix’ anywhere, and anytime. If the batteries are internal, get the assurance that a warranty backs the battery replacement.

Heating Method

Conduction and convection are the two kinds of heating techniques for vaporizers. Conduction encompasses the transmission of heat through direct contact while convection consists of transferring heat via air particles. Logically, convection is considered a superior way as the heating component and the material never come into contact. However, this conventional method is deemed to be more challenging and costly to realize.

The significant disadvantage to conduction style vaporizers is that they are in danger of not vaporizing but irregularly burning the substance. Conduction can also cause uneven heating, which may require you to stir/shake the material every so often.


It is also crucial to consider the accessories you might need before purchasing the vaporizer. The majority of vaporizers require necessary upkeep to keep them in good shape. This may be recharging, cleaning, or replacing some parts. Most vaporizers are purchased with enough accessories, to begin with, these add-ons can be costly to buy later on. The proper way to evade any unseen charges is to find out the necessary accessories and how often the purchase of accessories will be.

Control Of The Temperature

Marijuana usually Vaporizes at a temperature of about 160-210°C. You can set the temperature of some vaporizers while others control the temperature. Vaporizers offering temperature regulator are likely to come with one of three options: an adjustable dial/knob, a range of prestemperature ets, or digital display. The most sought after type is the Digital function since it permits you to set the most precise operating temperature.

Vaporizers with a self-set temperature tend to regulate the heat depending on your inhalation rate. Ultimately, consumers pick up how to inhale to realize a steady temperature. Apart from uniformity, temperature control permits you to achieve the discharge of specific ingredients in herbs.