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What to Do After a Muscle Injury

Everyone must know the risk of muscle injury because it is not limited to professional athletes only. Muscle pull, strain, and tearing can happen at you any time. In fact, if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, the probability of the injury is high. It is because your muscles have weakened over time.

Now, let’s learn what to do if you or anyone close to you experience a muscle injury.

Know the Symptoms

Since you can’t see your muscles, you can only identify the symptoms of the damages, such as swelling, bruising, and redness. These visible signs mean that you must seek professional medical attention immediately because the injury on the muscles is severe. The color appears because blood is clotting beneath the skin tissue.

Mild injuries can also happen. Since there are no visible signs for this level of damage, you can only identify this condition by checking if your muscles are hurt even at rest. However, mild muscle strain does not always mean that is can be ignored because it can lead to numbness and muscle function loss. As soon as you don’t feel comfortable with how your muscles work, it is best if you get it checked.

Learn the Possible Treatments

Physiotherapy, oral medication, injection, or even surgery are the treatments to cure muscle injuries. And after you get your condition examined by a physician, they will usually offer some options. Mild injuries don’t require you to stay in the hospital or visit the doctor routinely. You can even treat the damages by yourself at home. Meanwhile, severe cases may need you to spend a night in the clinic/hospital. And the therapy can last months before you are totally recovered.

Immediate Self-Care You Can Do

Applying heat or ice on the bruised area can help you to manage the pain. This is very important, specifically if you have no one around by the time the injury happens. And do not think that you can always handle the pain, no matter how strong you think you are. Torn muscles can’t move, and imagine if it is one of your legs that is injured.

Second, take Ibuprofen or Naproxen to relief the pain. And if you have elastic bandages, apply compression on the affected area with them. But do not wrap it too tightly. And only after you can walk or drive safely, you should visit a physician.